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Start saving lives by elevating medical device reprocessing standards.

Course curriculum

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    Myth number 1

    • Everything coming out of the steam autoclave is sterile.

    • Damaged Door Gasket

    • Myth number 1 Quiz

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    Myth number 2

    • Heat kills everything in the autoclave.

    • Relationship Between Pressure and Temperature.

    • Myth number 2 Quiz

  • 4

    Myth number 3

    • I just received my new autoclave from the manufacturer, and only need to plug it in, and it is ready to go!

    • Myth number 3 Quiz

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    Myth number 4

    • Sterilization process never fails.

    • Myth number 4 Quiz

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    Myth number 6

    • I don’t need to test my ultrasonic cleaner.

    • Myth number 6 Quiz

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    Myth number 7

    • All sterilized packages expire after a predetermined period of time.

    • Myth number 7 Quiz

  • 9

    Myth number 8

    • We don’t need additional chemical indicators in the pouches because there is already one built in the pouches.

    • Myth number 8 Quiz

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    Myth number 9

    • I can stack pouches on top of each other in the autoclave.

    • Myth number 9 Quiz

  • 11

    Myth number 10

    • I can handle pouched and packs even when they are still hot.

    • Myth number 10 Quiz

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    Myth number 11

    • I can fold self-sealing pouches so I can put more in a load.

    • Myth number 11 Quiz

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    Myth number 12

    • We can put as many surgical instruments in a self-sealing sterilization pouch.

    • Myth number 12 Quiz

  • 14

    Myth number 13

    • I can double self-seal pouch my devices to be sterilized.

    • Myth number 13 Quiz

  • 15

    Myth number 14

    • I can put instruments in a sealed pouch and autoclave the pouch within a wrapped set or in a container.

    • Myth number 14 Quiz

  • 16

    Myth number 15

    • I can write on disposable wrappers or on the porous side of the self-sealing pouch.

    • Myth number 15 Quiz

  • 17

    Myth number 16

    • Orthopedic implants or explants require the same quality control as the general surgery instruments

    • Myth number 16 Quiz

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    Myth number 17

    • I dropped this on the floor, can you “flash sterilize” it and give this back to me as soon as possible?

    • Myth number 17 Quiz

  • 19

    Myth number 18

    • A newly purchase non-sterile instrument or implant can go directly in the autoclave.

    • Myth number 18 Quiz

  • 20

    Myth number 19

    • Instrument tape is a safe way to label instruments

    • Myth number 19 Quiz

  • 21

    Myth number 20

    • Rust on instruments is okay

    • Myth number 20 Quiz

  • 22

    Myth number 21

    • All instruments can be autoclave using the same cycle.

    • Myth number 21 Quiz

  • 23

    Myth number 22

    • All single-use devices can be sterilized and re-used.

    • Myth number 22 Quiz

  • 24

    Myth number 23

    • Endotracheal tubes only need to be rinsed or washed with water and soap between patients.

    • Myth number 23 Quiz

  • 25

    Myth number 24

    • I opened a set in the OR but didn’t use all the instruments so they are cleaned and can go directly in the sterilizer.

    • Myth number 24 Quiz

  • 26

    Myth number 25

    • Dental handpieces cannot be steam-sterilized.

    • Myth number 25 Quiz

  • 27

    Myth number 26

    • There are no national guidelines in reprocessing medical devices.

    • Myth number 26 Quiz

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    Course Evaluation

    • Course Evaluation

Social proof: testimonials

Exemplary and Knowledgable Reprocessing Technician

Dr. P, BVSc (Hon), MVetSurg, MVetClinStud, DACVS-SA

As an ACVS-SA boarded surgeon who has worked with and known Daniel for four years, I can attest to Daniel’s expertise, professionalism and passion in his field. He is an exemplary and knowledgeable reprocessing technician, and I thoroughly endorse his desire to teach and impart his wisdom to like-minded professionals.

Desire to Teach Using Innovative Means to Simplify Concepts.


For as long as I have known and worked with Daniel in all different capacities over the years, the one quality that has always stood out is his desire to teach and train in every facet that he works in. When he first became a full-time trainer, he excelled and developed an extensive campus-wide training program from the ground up, creating new material and using innovative means to deliver the didactic and practical courses to a wide audience. As a trainer, he is patient and approachable and possesses the ability to simplify concepts to his students. I would highly recommend Daniel as a trainer and any course that he has designed.

Experienced and Knowledgeable


Daniel is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor, with years of expertise in both the animal and human health care systems. His materials are thorough and well planned, yet easy to follow, and his delivery demonstrates his passion for teaching others. Daniel’s diligence will ensure that learning materials are relevant, and broad in scope, to prepare technicians for their workplace.

Leader, Professional and Knowledgeable.

Dr. AG, BSc., DVM., DipMed., MSc.

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel as his manager over a four-year period of time. Daniel is the supreme professional as he is knowledgeable, capable, empowered and motivated to his profession. His passion for reprocessing, along with his inventive abilities and problem-solving abilities, have made him an invaluable team member and leader. Rarely does one find such talent and I am sure that anyone that embarks on this learning process with him will be not only be challenged but will also become a strong proponent for reprocessing

Knowledgeable and Passionate about Quality Control and Elevating Standards.

Dr. S, DVM, Diplomate ACVS-SA

Daniel's knowledge and expertise in his subject matter are incredibly vast, and he is the most knowledgeable person I have ever come across in all aspects of attaining and maintaining the physical qualities of a high quality operating theatre. He is passionate about the aspects of quality control that elevates the functioning of our hospital in a manner that is unsurpassed by any hospital I have ever experienced. His standards contribute greatly to the quality of our surgical service.

Detailed, Informative & Realistic

Ashley, LVT Regional Technician Director

This course has been extremely helpful in creating guidelines for my veterinary teams. After taking the course myself, I've identified multiple gaps in our current medical device reprocessing protocols. In veterinary medicine, our instrument care instruction is cursory and often incomplete. To live up to the oaths we take as veterinary professionals, we need to make serious efforts to do no harm to our patients. When we don't take instrument care seriously, we are putting the safety of our patients at risk and doing a disservice to our clients. Veterinary teams will find this course helpful in revisiting and revamping their current processes. Thanks, Daniel!

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Start saving lives by elevating medical device reprocessing standards.

Your Instructor

Founder of Steri+ Consulting

Daniel Harvey

Daniel Harvey is the founder of Steri+ Consulting, a public speaker, certified medical device reprocessing technician (CMDRT), and a registered veterinary technologist (RVT). He graduated from a MDRT program in 2016, from the Animal Health Technology one in 1997, as a nurse in 1989 in Quebec. Daniel has experience working in veterinary mix practices, laboratory animal research facilities as a registered veterinary, diagnostic technician, training coordinator, and manager. He has successfully set up and is currently supervising a medical device reprocessing department at a veterinary referral hospital. He also has experience working as a CMDRT at a faculty of dentistry and in a private fertility clinic.

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